System Security

Virus removal and prevention

They say prevention is better then the cure, but what if you’ve already caught it? A cure would be handy, wouldn’t it? Mobile IT Department can remove those pesky viruses and prevent them ever happening again.

Spyware removal and prevention

Computer running slow? Getting pop-up ads while you’re not even looking at web pages? Computer constantly trying to dial up to the internet? Sounds like you could have spyware.
Spyware is a relatively new problem, but one that is fast overtaking the epidemic levels of viruses

System troubleshooting

Something not quite right with your system? New printer won’t print? Computer won’t turn on at all? That’s where we come in. Mobile IT Department are experienced at tracking down the cause of problems and fixing them. Don’t let that little computer qwirk turn into a major headache.

Personal computer security audit

So you use your computer at home, what would hackers want with a home computer? A lot actually, if a hacker compromises your computer, he can use your computer to launch an attack on someone else’s machine. Don’t let your machine become a shield to someone else’s actions.