Network Management

Have your network managed by the professionals

Remote administration

Got a small problem that has been bugging you but isn’t enough to call someone out? We can set up remote administration for all those times you need a small job done, or require immediate assistance.

Rapid response

When your systems go down, your first priority is to get them back online as soon as possible. You don’t want to wait for days for someone to get back to you. At Mobile IT Department, we realise this and aim to get you back up and running with as little time lost as possible.

Priority support

When you’re unable to work, you don’t want to wait while your IT person is setting up someones printer, Mobile IT Department prioritise our efforts in order to keep your business up and running effectively.

Network infrastructure design

Most corporate networks started as one machine and grew as machines were added, printers were shared. While the current set up serves it’s purpose, is it really as efficient as it could be? By upgrading a few machines and adding a server you could take the load off your already busy and essential work horse machines and have all your data in one easy to manage and backup location. Mobile IT Department can design a network that will do all that and more.

Network troubleshooting

Can’t connect to the shared network folder? Can’t print to the reception printer? Intermittent loss of network connection? All these things can be a real pain when you have that ever present deadline creeping up, and always seems to happen the day before the big report.

Network security auditing & penetration testing

Are you worried about hackers being able to get into your network? Now that all your records, accounting, and client list are all on your corperate network, how much do you stand to lose if your competition gets their hands on your files?

Wireless networking & secure lockdown

It’s a well known fact in the computing industry that wireless networks are the biggest vulnerability to your network. You wouldn’t let someone just walk into your office and download all your confidential files, so why let them sit outside and do the same? A 2004 study found 60-70% of all wireless networks are insecure. Is your network one of them?

Virtual Private Networking (VPN)

Professional network management. Can your current network scale with your ambitions? Do you need a VPN to share important documents securely between offices. Has your humble operation grown into a multi-location enterprise? Need to share resources with your other office? A Virtual Private Network (VPN) could be just what you’re after. Share files and folders as if you were in the same physical location safely and securely. No more emailing confidential files just to get the job done, set up a VPN and focus on more important things.